Buildit Challenge is a 501c-3 charitable organization. We coordinate STEM project fairs for schools and community groups. Our mission is to build communities of hands-on learners who are discovering ways to apply STEM to fix, make, build, and change the world.

The challenge is for students to build an original game, gadget, or model from everyday materials like cardboard and recyclables. When students participate in this STEM fair, they develop skills in resourcefulness, craftsmanship, creativity, project management, and (for many) teamwork. Events like Buildit Challenge lay the foundation for a culture of innovation and problem-solving in the next generation.

How to Participate

 It's easy to enter the Buildit Challenge.
This video tutorial walks you through the process.
1. Students in grades K - 12 can 
 work individually or on teams
 up to 4 members. 
 Students must register online and bring finished projects to 
 the event. 

2. Professional engineers, designers, and builders
 review projects with students and encourage our
 next generation of builders & makers. 

3. Winners are announced at a special ceremony during the event. Four top prizes of $100 each will be awarded — No entry fees.